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Mechanical Metrology


In the mass & volume section, different weighing balances and weights are calibrated along with volumetric measuring instruments. We have all classes of weights like E1,E2, E3, M class and also F class ranging from 1mg to 1kg. We also have weighing balances such as micro & semi-micro balances in the range of 1μg to 300kg to measure weights accurately. We also have micropipettes and all types of glassware for volumes in the range of 1μl to 500ml. We provide large volume storage tank calibration also up to 6500kL.


Devices such as Pressure switches, Vaccum Gauges, Digital pressure gauges, Pressure transmitters, Transducers, Magnehelic gauges, Differential gauges, Controllers, Relief valves, BP Apparatus & Pressure sensors in the range of -1 bar to 700 bar are calibrated in this section.


One of the unique capabilities that we possess is the calibration of Ford Cup, the calibration for which is not easily available. We perform Ford Cup calibration in the range of 25cst to 150cst. Along with that, Hydrometers and viscometers are calibrated in this section. Density Hydrometers ranging from 0.600g/ml to 2.000g/ml and Viscometer Calibration from 0.001mm2/s2 to 100mm2/s2 is performed in this section.

Digital Tachometers and RPM indicators ranging from 10 rpm to 99000 rpm are calibrated in this section.

Sound level meter, Noise meter and dB meter are calibrated at 94 dB and 114 dB in this section.


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