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Alcolyzer 3001 by Anton Paar uses a narrow, highly alcohol-specific range in the NIR spectrum to selectively quantify alcohol content within 2 minutes. It’s available in the exact right configuration for your measuring task – whether specifically for beer, low- and non-alcoholic beer, Hard Seltzer, Kombucha, or Cider. The heart of Alcolyzer 3001 is its selective alcohol measurement method, enabling direct alcohol determination for all types of beers, including beer mixed drinks, and low- and non-alcoholic beer.


  • Selective alcohol determination in all types of beers including low- and non-alcoholic beers.
  • Independent sample adjustment with water and a binary ethanol/water solution only.
  • Modular configurations: To analyze the solution according to your needs with optional Density/Extract, color, pH, CO2, and O2 measurement.
  • Compliance with various acknowledged standards, such as EBC, MEBAK, ASBC, and BCoJ.



Densitometer 4501 from Anton Paar is a next-generation fast, accurate and highly efficient density measuring instrument from Anton Paar. Highly efficient, supremely accurate sample measurement with automatic cleaning, tempering, and sample recovery. It avoids manual operation, filling issues, and long-term measurement drifts due to environment changes.

• Digital density meter for liquids, with premium new software and hardware
• Have a 2x quicker CPU, and 8x quicker operating system
• Delivers 4-digit results in ultra-fast mode in ~20 seconds
• Have market-leading filling control, and comply with all major industry standards.

  • Concentration determination
  • Material characterization
  • Academic research
  • Quality control
  • Filling volume control
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