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Fertilizers Testing - Fare Labs

Fertilizer testing has become an essential component of manufacturing due to the wide range of raw materials, changing compositions, and varying nutrient percentages. It gives you precise information that ensures minimum nutrient levels in your fertilizers and assures consistency in fertilizer markets.

At FARE Labs we offer assurance, testing, inspection and certification services for all types of fertilizers. Our certificates are recognized in the global fertilizer trade and are accepted as true evidence of quality. We provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of NPKs and physical and chemical properties of trace elements.

  • Nitrogen-based fertilizers
  • Phosphate based fertilizers
  • Potash based fertilizers
  • Specialty fertilizers
  • NPKs
  • Raw materials
  • Solid and liquid fertilizers

FARE Labs is a recognized yardstick for fertilizer testing. We are equipped with the best in class machinery and highly  experienced technical staff offer analytical testing capabilities to meet your regulatory, quality and standard requirements.

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