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Mechanical testing is a process that is used to determine the mechanical properties of a material. It can be used to evaluate a material independent of its geometry and also at defined geometrical conditions. There are a wide variety of mechanical testing methods that can be performed when evaluating a material. 

FARE Labs provides the accurate and precise testing services of mechanical parameter for Plastic and Plastic Products, Resin, Paper and Paper Products subjected to Packaging Materials. Our team of specialists help Food Packaging, Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Beverages Packaging, Oil Packaging Printing, and Publishing industry including Raw materials for measurement, evaluation of various test parameters.

FARE LABS performs the Mechanical Testing of the following products & materials


This category includes Composite Packing Material (Corrugated Boxes, Duplex Board, Coated Duplex Board, Folding Box, Board, and Solid Bleached Sulphate Board) and Paper & Allied Products.  The tests performed at FARE Labs on these materials are shown below.

  • Dimension 
  • Diameter Of Roll
  • Breaking Length
  • OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate)
  • WVTR (Water Vapor Transmission Rate)
  • Bulk
  • Burst Factor
  • Burst Index
  • Bursting Strength (wet and dry)
  • Compression Resistance/ Ring Crush Test
  • Elongation
  • Folding Endurance
  • Gloss
  • Grammage / Substances
  • Tear Factor
  • Tear Index
  • Tear Strength/ Tearing Resistance
  • Tensile Index
  • Tensile Strength
  • Thickness
  • Water Absorption
  • Vibration Test
  • Water Penetration Test (Cobb Test)
  • Delamination Value


This category includes Pipes & Fittings, Plastic & Polymer Films, Plastic and Polymer container/bottle/jar, Plastic and Polymer Pouches/ Bag/sack, Plastic Granules, Plastic Toys & Similar Products

  • Compression Test
  • Drop Test
  • Air Pressure Leakage test
  • Closure Leakage test
  • Container Diameter
  • Container Height to neck face
  • Design and Shape dimension
  • Drop Impact Test
  • Handle pull test
  • Hydrostatic pressure test
  • Neck diameter (Outer)
  • Neck Diameter ( Inner)
  • Neck Height
  • Overall Height
  • Thread diameter
  • Top Load Test
  • Transparency
  • Vibration Leakage Test
  • Wall thickness (bottom)
  • Wall thickness (middle)
  • Wall thickness (Top)
  • Dart Impact resistance
  • Dimension (width, length)
  • Elongation at break
  • Melt Flow Index
  • Density
  • Bursting strength
  • Ageing Test
  • Appearance
  • Elastic recovery
  • Film Form
  • Product resistance
  • Tear propagation
  • Tear Resistance
  • Material Workmanship
  • Mass Per unit Area
  • Dimension (length, width)
  • Stack load test
  • Inside Diameter
  • Outside Diameter
  • Socket length


  • Air Pressure Test
  • Bursting Pressure Test
  • Capacity Test
  • Induction bottom
  • Operating Test for Pressure Regulating Device
  • Proof Pressure Test
  • Resistance to alkali of anodized Aluminium
  • Resistance to staining of the anodized coating
  • Test for Removal of Lid Under Pressure
  • Test for safety Pressure Relief Device
  • Test for spring-loaded mechanism
  • WORKMANSHIP, finish
  • Dimension
  • Mass
  • Nominal/ Brimful Capacity
  • Hydro static Pressure Test
  • Thermal Shock test
  • Verticality Test
  • Workmanship, Finish Appearance
  • Rotating
  • Non-Rotating
  • Non-Reciprocating

FARE Labs provides ISO/IEC 17025 training to students pursuing graduation/post-graduation from various universities and institutes. Hands-on training to the staff provides them an opportunity to understand the working of sophisticated instruments.  Our comprehensive training programs are designed to provide in depth knowledge of Indian and International standards focusing on quality management systems and technical competence for laboratories. Join us at FARE Labs Pvt. Ltd to become a qualified professional in a rapidly evolving field of testing and calibration.

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