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The pet food market is growing at a fast rate and is subjected to increased demands in terms of quality testing and flavor testing. Pet food testing will be more accurate when certified by an accredited lab.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) regulates the manufacture of cat food, dog food, and all pet related edible products. FSSAI mainly focuses on the safety of the food which should not contain any harmful substances. All pet foods should be manufactured and produced under sanitary conditions following all safety measures. Pet foods which are canned must be processed abiding the low acid canned food guidelines that ensure the pet food is free of any pathogenic microorganisms.

Various types of analysis for testing dry matter, crude protein, moisture, etc. are performed on pet foods. The technical team of experts in FARE Labs provide a wide range of analytical services for the pet food industry so that we can contribute for concerned producers and retailers to maintain their product lines effectively under control. We make use of the latest technology to help ensure quality food & safety and to deliver best possible results to customers.

FARE Labs’ portfolio includes reliable analytical methods for determination of the safety, purity, composition, quality, and origin of pet food products and their ingredients. Each method that we select is focused to ensure matrix suitability, adherence to regulatory standards, and manage result expectations.

  1. Nutritional Analysis & Labelling (energy, protein, carbohydrates, total sugar, etc.)
  2. Fatty acid profile (SFA, MUFA and PUFA) & Trans fatty acids
  3. Naturally Occurring Toxic Substances (Agaric acid, Hydrocyanic acid, Hypercine and Safrole)
  4. Vitamins (B-Complex)
  5. Minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, etc.)
  6. Mycotoxins (total aflatoxin, aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin B2, etc.)
  7. Heavy metal residues (lead, tin, arsenic, copper, cadmium, etc.)
  8. Melamine
  9. Additives (benzoic acids and their salts, allura red AC, annatto extract(bixin), beta carotene, BHA, BHT, etc.)
  10. Pesticide Residues
  11. Antibiotic Residues
  12. Shelf life Testing
  13. Microbiological parameters (total plate count, total coliform count, yeast and mould count, salmonella and shigella, E. coli, etc.)
  14. Molecular Testing
  15. Allergens (celery, mollusc, milk, egg, fish, etc.)
  16. GMO Testing
  17. Test for Active Components (Qualitative)
  18. Particle size analysis
  19. ETO and ECH Testing
  20. MCPDs and GE Testing
  21. Food Application and recipe engineering
  22. Radioactive residues
  23. Steroids and Hormone Testing
  24. Dioxins, PCBs, PAHs & Furans
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