We are Hiring –

Scientist ‘C’ / Scientist ‘B’

Job Description

To impart training to fresh joining staff in the ICPMS & AAS section. Planning laboratory works in advance and allocates the test samples to the scientists based on their competency.


  • To create a good working environment in the laboratory and to create harmonious inter laboratory working relations.
  • Ensuring safe and proper storage of test samples throughout the analysis.
  • To impart training to fresh joining staff in the ICPMS & AAS section.

Requirements - Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Responsible for the calibration, Uncertainty calculation, and preparing requests for purchase of standards, chemicals, glass wares, and inspection/clearance of chemicals and reagents received in the laboratory.
  • Understanding the complete requirement of the test methods and the test materials before initiating the analysis.
  • Responsible for checking the integrity of results, methods, raw data calculation, logbook entries and signatures of Scientists, etc., and signing the reports before forwarding the reports to reporting section.
  • Supervised all quality testing that is carried out in the ICPMS & AAS Sections.
  • Take part in proficiency Testing Programme, Inter Laboratory Comparison, Internal Quality Checks, and Chemical Quality Checks.
  • Developing validating and implementing methods of analysis for existing and new parameters to be added under the scope.
  • Responsible for appropriate corrective action taken by proper root cause analysis to prevent re-occurrence of non-conformance arose.
  • Responsible for timely intimation of repairs of the breakdown of the instrument(s)/equipment to the administration & store department.
  • Ensuring maintenance of general cleanliness and safety requirements in the laboratory.
  • Responsible for proper maintenance of Records.
  • Preparation of work instructions and SOPs for Instrument equipment.
  • Plan and completion of new method development and method validation as per regulatory requirements.
  • Validation according to EC 333:2007
  • Determination of Metals according to EC guidelines.
The employee must be available during the core business hours of 9:30 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday to maintain full–time status.