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S.N.Instruments NameParameter to be calibratedRangeStandard Used
12D Linear Height Gauge Deviation in Height, Squareness0-600 mmGauge Block Set (0), Caliper Checker
2Air Gauge UnitDeviation in diameter-80 µm to +80 µmSet of Plain Ring Gauge & Plug Gauge
3Angle Gauge BlocksAngleupto 45°Gauge Block Set (0), Caliper Checker, Length Bar & Gauge Block Accessories
4Bench CenterCo-axiality, Parallelismup to 300 mmTest Mandrel(Taper& Straight) & Lever Dial
5Bevel ProtractorAngle90°-0-90°Angle Gauge
6Bridge Cam GaugeAngle, LinearThe flatness of the baseVision Measuring Machine
7Brinell Ball IndenterAngle, Linearup to 10 mmVision Measuring Machine
8CalipersID, OD, Depth & External/Internal Jaw Parallelism0 to 2000 mmGauge Block Set (0), Caliper Checker, Length Bar & Gauge Block Accessories
9Coating Thickness GaugeThickness10 µm to 1200 µmStd. Foil Set
10Cobb TesterDiameter11 mm to 12 mmDigital caliper
11Combination Sets Angle up to 90° Angle Gauge Set
12Comparator Stand Flatness of the base100 X 100 mmLever-type Dial Gauge
13Cone MasterAngle 15° to 90°Vision Measuring Machine
14Cross Hatch Cutterup to 3.0 mmGauge Block Set (0), Master CylinderVision Measuring Machine
15Cube MouldLength/Breadth/Height150X150X150mm 2D Height Gauge
16Cylindrical SquareSquarenessup to 500 mmGauge Block Set (0),Master Cylinder
17Degree Protractor Angleupto 90°Angle Gauge Set
18Depth Gauges Depth0 to 600 mmGauge Block Set (0), Length Bar Set
19Depth Master (Step gauge)Depth1µm to 18 µmSurface Roughness Tester
20Depth Micrometer Depth0 to 300 mmGauge Block Set (0), Length Bar Set
21Dial Bore Gauge / Bore Gauge Linear transmission upto 2.0 mm (Transmission only)Length Measuring Machine(ULM), Plunger Type Dial Gauge 
22Dial Calibration TesterDeviation0 to 25.0 mmGauge Block Set, Electronic Probe
23Snap Gauge Gap Size & Parallelismup to 200 mmLength Measuring Machine(ULM), Master Setting Ring Gauge.
24Dip TapeDeviation in Length0 to 30 mMeasuring Scale & Tape Calibrator
25Electronic Level/ Digital Level Meter Error in Electronic level
reading over the entire
up to 2.0 mmRobost Tilting Table With Indicator
26Electronic Probe with DRO /LVDTError in Electronic Probe reading over the entire range0 to 25.0 mmGauge Block Set
27Elongation Gauge / Length GaugeLength14.7 mm to 81 mmDigital Caliper/ Video Measuring Machine
28Engineer Parallel / Parallel BlocksThickness and width
Variation in Thickness
Equality of pairs 
up to 300 mmDial Indicator, Gauge Block Set & Surface Plate
29Engineer Square / Try Square Straightness of blade edge
Parallelism of blade edge &
stock/ base
Squareness of external
Squareness of internal
up to 500 mmUsing Master
cylinder, Dial/Digital
Indicator, Gauge
Blocks and surface
30External Micrometer Micrometer Screw Error
(Error of Measurement)
Flatness of anvils
Parallelism of anvils
(0-1000) mmGauge Block Set, Length Bar
31Flakiness Gauge (Thickness Gauge)Thickness4.89 mm to 33.90 mmVideo Measuring Machine 
32Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine (FCDM)Overall Accuracy,
Micrometer Head Error,
Alignment of centers to
Parallelism of micrometer
face to line of centers 
up to 100 mmUsing Setting
Cylinder, Mandrel
and Gauge Block Set
33Foil /Standard FoilsThicknessup to 1 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
34Gauge Block AccessoriesFlatness
up to 25 mmElectronic Probe & Optical Flat
35Gauge Block CalibratorDeviation up to 100 mmGauge Block Set 11 Pcs
36Gauge BlocksDeviation in Lengthup to 100 mmGauge Block Comparator
37Gear Tooth VernierLengthup to 50 mmUsing Gauge Block
38Groove Micrometer Groove Widthup to 100 mmGauge Block Set
39GSM CutterDiameterup to 113 mmVideo Measuring Machine 
40Hegman GaugeThicknessup to 100 µmElectronic Probe with comparator stand
41Height Gauge Height(0-600) mmCaliper Checker/Slip Gauge/ Length Bar
42Height Micrometer / Height MasterHeightUpto 300 mmUsing Lever Dial
Gauge & Check
Master Depth/Height
Master Gauge
Blocks, Surface Plate
& Electronic Probe
43Hi-Lo GaugeError in Scale (0-32) mmVision Measuring Machine
44Internal Micrometer (Caliper Type) Error in Length5 to 30 mmGauge Block Set & Gauge Block Accessories
45Micrometer Setting RodDeviation in lengthup to 1000 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM) & Length Bar
46Length Measuring Machine (ULM)Lengthup to 100 mmGauge Block Set
47Lever Arm (Ball Diameter )Ball Diameter( up to 2 mm)Vision Measuring Machine
48Lever Dial Indicator Deviation in Dialup to 1 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
49Limit Gauges Gap /Diameter3to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
50Measuring Pins / Pin GaugeDiameterup to 20 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
51Measuring Steel Rule / Steel Scale Deviation in Lengthup to 3000 mmMeasuring Scale & Tape Calibrator
52Measuring Tape / Pie Tape Deviation in Lengthup to 50 mMeasuring Scale & Tape Calibrator
53Micrometer Head Deviation in Lengthup to 25 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
54Optical FlatsFlatnessup to 100 mm diameterMonochromatic Light Source with Master Optical Flat
55Optical Microscope Linear & Magnificationup to 300 mm & Magnification 10X to 1000XGlass Scale, Stage Micrometer
56PCD GaugePitch Circle Diameterup to 100 mmVision Measuring Machine
57Penetrometer Thickness(0-40) mmGauge Block Set
58Pistol Caliper Thickness(0-100) mmGauge Block Set
59Pitch MicrometerPitch(0-25) mmGauge Block Set
60Plain Gap Gauge / Hub Gauge Gapup to 200 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
61Plain Plug GaugesDiameterup to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
62Plain Taper Plug GaugeDiameter & Half Taper Angle5 to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
63Plunger Dial/Digital Indicator Deviation in total length(0-25) mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
64Profile Gauge/ Profile of work pieceProfileup to 100 mmVision Measuring Machine
65Profile Projector / Video Measuring Machine Length, Angle & Magnificationupto 300 mm, Angle upto 90° & Magnification 10X to 100XGlass Scale, Angle Gauge, Gauge Block & Digital Caliper
66Radius GaugeRadius1 mm to 40 mmVision Measuring Machine
67Raiser Blocks (Mean height of riser blocks)Mean Height upto 150 mm2D Linear Height Gauge
68Receiver GaugeLengthup to 200 mmVision Measuring Machine
69Reference Discs (Diameter at four positions Roundness)Diameterup to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine  (ULM) 
70Plain Ring GaugesDiameter2 mm to 225 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM) & Master Ring Gauge
71Rockwell Diamond cone Indenter Angle & Cone Heightupto 5 mm (Linear), upto 0.2 mm (Radius), upto 120° (Angle) Vision Measuring Machine
72Sine Bar/ Sine CenterAngle, Center to Center Distanceupto 300 mmAngle Gauge Set, Gauge Block Set & Electronic Probe
74Spirit LevelBubble Accuracy
up to 300 mmRobust Tilting Table with Digital Indicator
75Stage MicrometerDeviation in Lengthup to 1 mmVision Measuring Machine
76Caliper CheckerPitch Block Accuracy
up to 600 mmGauge Block Set, Length Bar & 2D Linear Height Gauge
77Straight EdgeStraightness, Flatness & Parallelismup to 1000 mmGauge Block Set, Lever Type Dial Gauge & Surface Plate
78Surface Plate (Granite/Cast Iron)Flatness & Repeatabilityup to 1600 mm x 1000 mmDigital Level Meter
79Surface Roughness SpecimensSurface Roughnessup to 12.5 µmSurface Roughness Tester
80Surface Roughness Tester Depth
Surface Roughness
Parameters, Noise
1 µm to 15 µmSurface Roughness Masters, Depth Roughness Master & Optical Straight Edge
81Tape & Scale CalibratorLength Deviationup to 1000 mmLength Bar Set & Lever Type Indicator
83Taper Ring GaugeDiameter10 mm to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM), Master Ring Gauge
and slip gauge
84Taper ScaleWidth0.1to 60 mmVision Measuring Machine
85Taper Thread Plug GaugeEffective Diameter3 mm to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
86TemplatesLength , Angle &  Radius/Diameterup to 100 mm (Linear) & upto 90° (Angle)Vision Measuring Machine
87Test Mandrel (Straight)Variation in diameter
Total Runout 
upto 300 mmBench Center & Dial Indicator
Test Mandrel (Taper)Variation in diameter
Total Runout 
Half Taper Angle 
upto 300 mmBench Center & Dial Indicator
88Test SievesAperture Size & Wire Daimeter0.032 to 100 mmVision Measuring Machine/ Digital Caliper
89Thread Measuring Wires Diameter0.17 mm to 6.350 mmLength Measuring Machine (ULM)
90Thread Pitch GaugePitch0.3 mm to 6.0 mmVision Measuring Machine 
91Thread Plug Gauges Effective Diameter3 mm to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine  (ULM) 
92Thread Ring Gauge/Taper Thread Ring GaugeEffective Diameter4 mm to 100 mmLength Measuring Machine & Master Ring Gauge
93Three Point Micrometer / Holetester/3 Pin Bore Gauge/Bore ComparatorDiameter8 mm to 16 mm & 50 mm to 63 mmMaster Ring Gauge Set
94Ultrasonic Thickness GaugeThicknessup to 300 mmSteel Gauge Block Set &  Steel Length Bar
95V’ BlockParallelism of axis of Vee
to base surfaces
Parallelism of axis of Vee
to side surfaces
Matching tolerance of V
Parallelism of axis of Vee
to base surfaces
Parallelism of axis of Vee
to side surfaces
Matching tolerance of V
axes above the base
up to 150 mmGauge Block Set, Lever Type Dial Gauge, Surface Plate & Straight Mandrel
96V Notch GaugeAngle(0-75)°Vision Measuring Machine
97Vickers Diamond cone IndenterAngle and Cone Heightupto 5 mm (Linear) & upto 120° (Angle) Vision Measuring Machine 
98Weld Fillet GaugeFillet0to 50 mmVision Measuring Machine
99Weld GaugeAngle upto 90 °Vision Measuring Machine
100Wet Film Thickness GaugeThickness(25-3000) µmVision Measuring Machine
101Wire GaugeGap Size(0.19 to 8.23) mmVision Measuring Machine

Dimensional metrology is the science of measuring physical dimensions such as length, width, height, and diameter with high accuracy and precision. Calibration ensures that measuring instruments meet specified requirements by verifying their accuracy.

Dimensional metrology and calibration are critical processes in many industries including manufacturing, aerospace, automobile, and engineering, where accurate measurements are critical for quality control, compliance, and safety. Hence, measuring instruments such as micrometers, dial indicators, and gauges are calibrated to ensure they provide accurate and reliable results.

With the boom in the development of these industries, regular periodic calibration has become an integral part of industrial processes assuring accuracy, precision, and reliability of results.

  • Calipers up to 600 mm, Height Gauge up to 600 mm
  • Dial Guage, Digital Indicator, Lever Dial Gauge up to 25 mm
  • Test Sieve from 4 mm to 100 mm Aperture Size
  • Surface Plate
  • Pin Set, Wire set
  • Plain Plug Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge upto 100 mm
  • Vision Measuring Machine, Profile Projector, Travelling Microscope
  • Plain Plug Gauge, Plain Ring Gauge, Thread Plug Gauge, Thread Ring Gauge, Taper Plug Gauge, Taper Ring Gauge, Taper Thread Plug Gauge, Taper Thread Ring Gauge, Dial Gauge, Bore Gauge, Snap Gauge, Calipers, Length Bar
  • V Block, Riser Block, Comparator Stand
  • Length Bar, Caliper Checker, Dial Calibration Tester, Sine Bar, Riser Block, Thickness Foil Set (Shims)
  • Engineer Square / Try Square, Squareness of 2D Height Gauge
  • 3-Point Micrometer, Air Gauge Unit
  • Measuring Scale up to 3 m, Measuring Tape, Circumference Tape (Pi-Tape), Dip Tape up to 50 m
  • Optical Flat, Flatness of Anvil
  • Surface Roughness Specimen
  • Clinometer, Angle Gauge Set
  • Coating Thickness Gauge up to 1 mm
  • Bevel Protractor, Combination Set, Clinometer, Sine Bar, Profile Projector, Vision Measuring Machine
  • Surface Roughness Tester (Portable /Bench Type)
  • Electronic Level, Spirit Level, Frame Level
  • Calipers (Digital/ Dial/Vernier) up to 3 m, OD Micrometers, Measuring Scale & Tape Calibrator, Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine, Length Measuring Machine, Height Gauge, Linear Height Gauge, Gauge Block Calibrator with M11 Gauge Block, Depth Gauge, Depth Micrometer, Snap Gauge, Gear Tooth Vernier, Groove Micrometer, Internal Micrometer, Penetrometer, Pitch Micrometer, Pistol Caliper, Plain Gap Gauge, Sine Bar, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Riser Block
  • Test Sieve from 5 microns to 4 mm, Radius Gauge, Weld Gauge, Weld Fillet Gauge, Angle Gauge, Bridge Cam Gauge, Brinell Ball Indenter, Cone Master, Cross Hatch Cutter, Degree Protractor, Flakiness Gauge, GSM Cutter Specimen, Hi-Lo Gauge, Lever Arm Ball Diameter, Receiver Gauge, Rockwell Diamond Cone indenter, Stage Micrometer, Taper Scale, Templates, Thread Pitch Gauge, V-Notch Gauge, Wet Film Thickness Gauge
  • Gauge Block 0 Grade, K Grade, 1 Grade, and 2 Grade

FARE Labs provides ISO/IEC 17025 training to students pursuing graduation/post-graduation from various universities and institutes. Hands-on training to the staff provides them an opportunity to understand the working of sophisticated instruments.  Our comprehensive training programs are designed to provide in depth knowledge of Indian and International standards focusing on quality management systems and technical competence for laboratories. Join us at FARE Labs Pvt. Ltd to become a qualified professional in a rapidly evolving field of testing and calibration.

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