Medical Devices

Diapers and Sanitary Napkins Testing

S.N. Instruments Name Parameter to be calibrated Standard Used 1 Anesthesia Workstation Pressure, Flow rate, Volume, Time, Oxygen Concentration & Electrical Safety Test Gas Flow Analyzer & Electrical Safety Analyzer 2 Autoclave Temperature & Pressure Digital Thermometer & Pressure Calibrator 3 Baby Incubator Temperature, Airflow, Humidity, Sound Level & Electrical Safety Test Incubator Analyzer & […]

Dimension Metrology

S.N. Instruments Name Parameter to be calibrated Range Standard Used 1 2D Linear Height Gauge  Deviation in Height, Squareness 0-600 mm Gauge Block Set (0), Caliper Checker 2 Air Gauge Unit Deviation in diameter -80 µm to +80 µm Set of Plain Ring Gauge & Plug Gauge 3 Angle Gauge Blocks Angle upto 45° Gauge […]

Electrotechnical Metrology

Electrical measuring instruments have applications in all kinds of industries, from food and pharma to automotive and manufacturing. Hence, the calibration of these electrical instruments plays a significant role in ensuring safety and quality in these industries. It is also mandated by regulation for certain industries to have their instruments and devices calibrated at periodic […]

Mechanical Metrology Calibration

MASS & VOLUME In the mass & volume section, different weighing balances and weights are calibrated along with volumetric measuring instruments. We have all classes of weights like E1,E2, E3, M class and also F class ranging from 1mg to 1kg. We also have weighing balances such as micro & semi-micro balances in the range […]

Thermal Metrology

PRIMARY FIXED POINT Fixed point cells are the most accurate devices available for defining a temperature scale. Fixed point cells are designed to realize the liquid-solid equilibrium temperatures of certain high purity metal elements, for calibration of thermometers at ITS-90 fixed points.  Typically, only national metrological institutes provide such kind of calibration facilities, however FARE […]

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